5 Top Mistakes People Make When They are Buying a House Video 5 Part One


Part 5 of the FREE video adaptation of this essential book for home buyers. When you buy a house and deal with Real Estate Agents, they have been taught how to sell and specifically they have been taught how to get top dollar for their vendors. That’s their profession and their job. This video series is designed to help you counter that with FREE information which can help you make top buying decisions and avoid costly mistakes and buyers remorse.
When I wrote the book I thought I was going to help lots of people. I even offered it for free to people who didn’t want to pay for it on Amazon. But then I realised that a lot of the target market, maybe you, don’t like to read books. So here you go. This video is about 15 minutes long and packed with good information. If you find it helpful, please bookmark or subscribe so you don’t miss out on Part 3 which is of course also FREE!



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