Best Fishing Knots for Bass Fishing – Top 3


What are the best fishing knots for Bass Fishing? There are dozens to choose from, and some knots are stronger than others. In this video I highlight, what I feel are, the best 3 knots to use for Bass fishing.

Here they are:

1. Palomar Knot – There’s a lot of controversy around this knot, especially when it comes to tying it when using fluorocarbon fishing line. Guess what! It works just fine! I use it everyday. I use the Palomar knot for braided line, monofilament line, and fluorocarbon fishing line. I’ll explain this in the video…

2. Double Uni Knot – A quick and simple knot that I use to tie braided fishing line to a mono or fluoro leader.

3. Snell Knot – I only use this knot when I’m rigging heavy braided line to a extra heavy hook for flippin’ or punchin’ through heavy cover. Because of the way this knot is tied, some believe it makes the hook pop towards the fish’s mouth when the hook is set. I didn’t explain this in the video, but some also say that it allows the lure (often a creature bait) to be presented in a more horizontal angle. Does any of this actually happen when using a Snell Knot with braided line? I don’t know… You be the judge.

Some may knot, I mean “not”, agree with my views on knots. But, that’s okay. Just like in my other “how to” videos… This is simply how I do it. These are the 3 knots that I believe are the best knots to use when bass fishing.

As always….

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