Bluefin Trevally On First Cast In The Maldives! – Fishing in Thoddoo


I finally made it to the Maldives, a dream location for both regular tourists and fisherman. I first went to a small local island called Thoddoo, where you are allowed to fish from the beach. (On resort island you are not allowed to fish from the island or nearby the reef.)

I got lucky on the very first cast and caught my first ever Bluefin Trevally. Very stoked on that! I also hooked a strong fish that broke my hook, a couple of nice groupers and a beautiful triggerfish.

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Fishing equipment: I am using a 2.2 meter travel telescope rod, a 2000 sized reel (kinda broken) and a 20 pound line. This session I used a small Weebass crankbait.



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