How To Make Your Own Fishing Rods (Mistakes, Shortcuts, Tips)

It's Custom Rod Building time! We’ve had a lot of requests for more information about fishing rods on the podcast, especially custom rods, so we...

Best Chatterbait Tips for Bass Fishing (These Work!) | Bass Fishing

How to catch bass with a chatterbait. The best tips and techniques that show the right way to fish chatterbaits for MONSTER bass! How To...

All American Cast Says This Actor Can't Really Play Football

The CW's All American cast (Cody Christian, Daniel Ezra and more) reveal the worst football player on the cast — and it's pretty unanimous!...

Hunting @ Home~Cooking Deer~Homesteading in NZ~Clay Tall Stories

Every day on the farm there are a hundred little jobs to do and now that we are locked down we are actually getting...

Top 5 Biggest Mistakes I've Made In Reefing

In this video i talk about the top five biggest mistakes i have made in reefing over the years and what i would of...

Common Mistakes When Fish Start Coming To The Bank

What mistakes do anglers make when fish start going to the bank? They tend to fish to fast and in this clip we...

Early April Bass Fishing 2018

Hey guys, after a week in mexico I finally came back home and got out on the water and got some LMB action going...

Teach Me How To Fish!!

me and Ernesto catching some dinks out over in Lake Mooney while he practices casting a spinning rod and baitcaster.. Lake Mooney was in...

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