Fall and Winter Jerkbait Bass Fishing: Extreme Refinement Tips

With fall bass fishing in full swing and winter on the doorstep, we're publishing this cold water jerkbait video to dive into the nuance...

Common Gardening Mistakes & Fixes For Them Rather Than Pulling Plants Out

We all make mistakes and rather than pulling everything out and calling it a loss, here are some simple solutions to those mistakes that...

Beautiful Women Fishing – Bass Fishing Pictures -Videos -Slideshows

http://www.charterfishingandguides.com/fishing-hotties -Beautiful Women Fishing - Bass Fishing Pictures / Videos Slideshows and bios! Drop by Fishing Hotties ... source

The Top 3 Pier Fishing Methods to Catch Fish at ANY Pier!

Pier fishing is different than any kind of fishing. There are certain pier fishing methods and pier fishing rigs that seem to work all...

Casting Techniques – 5 Styles and Methods of Casting with your Fishing Rod

Hello folks, this week I'd like to share with you 5 different casting techniques to help improve your casting range and accuracy. We talk about...

Robby’s FG knot, most common mistakes revealed

How to tie the FG knot, strongest and easiest source

My BEST and WORST Bass Fishing Lures of 2019 (SURPRISING!?)

Do you ever think about the best and worst lures you've used? In today's YouTube viDEBO I'll discuss the lures that I had success...

Biggest mistakes you can make while fishing topwater walking baits (don't do these!)

This video is about the biggest mistakes I have made while fishing topwater walking baits for bass Favorite top water lures: Berkley Topwater Fishing Hard Baits...

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