I HAVE to EAT That! Bass Spybait & Spinbait Fishing Secrets


Bass say “I HAVE to go eat that thing”, when they see a spybait (aka spinbait). As bass anglers, we’re programmed to fish baits that act crazy. We want our lure to dart, swim, vibrate, rattle and everything else, but a spybait does very little if any of those things. So why does spybaiting or spinbaiting catch bass? Isolated baitfish act differently than baitfish or minnows in a group, learn why the spybait is great at imitating a casual baitfish that bass just have to eat. Spinbaiting is a great clear water, cold water, heavily pressured water, cold front finesse bass fishing hard bait or soft plastic bait technique.

Try our site FREE for 10 days at https://bassu.tv/signup/trybu and watch this entire 50-minute video, along with 450+ other bass fishing videos. Things you’ll also learn in the full video:
When, where and how to fish spybaits
Making your own soft plastic spybait on the cheap
Selecting size and colors of spinbaits
Best seasons, weather, water temp, clarity, etc for the spybaiting technique
recommended spinning and casting rod/reel/line setup for spinbaiting
and more!



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