Kayak Fishing Gear: Everything You Need To Go Inshore Kayak Fishing


Want to know what items you actually need to go inshore kayak fishing?

Some people have way too much stuff on their kayak that they don’t actually need that’s weighing them down or getting in the way…

And on the other hand, some people are making life more difficult for themselves by not having a few simple tools that make kayak fishing a lot easier.

Since people ask us all the time what they need to get started kayak fishing, I made this video to show you everything I have on my kayak for a day out on the water.

This includes:

– the small amount of tackle that I use
– the anchor system that allows me to quickly stop and position my kayak so I can catch more fish
– the setup I use to get good pictures and videos
– and much more

Also, I’m not sponsored by any of these companies — this is stuff I actually use on a daily basis.

If you do inshore fishing from your kayak, or are thinking about getting into it, check out this video.

Have any questions about any of this gear?

Is there anything I missed?

Let me know in the comments below!

To see a written list of these items, as well as where to get them, check out the blog post here: https://bit.ly/36brH0s

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