Loop Knot vs. Split Ring (PROS & CONS)


Should I use a Loop Knot or a Split Ring with my fishing lures (especially topwater fishing lures)?

This is the core question that is addressed in this video.

You’ll see the pros and cons of both options for maximizing the motion of a lure during the retrieve with as little downside as possible.

Best of all, you’ll learn about the core benefits of using a loop knot for artificial lures along with its downfall.

And you’ll learn the reasons why split rings are good options in place of loop knots for some scenarios while they can cause more harm than good in other scenarios.

So in the end, you’ll have a sound understanding of when to use a Loop Knot and when to use a Split Ring.


Fish On!

P.S. – Leave a comment with any questions you have so we can feature you in our next video. Tight lines!



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