MAKE WABAMUN GREAT AGAIN || Alberta’s Conservation Mistakes


In 2011 the Alberta government started a project on Wabamun lake. Over the course of 4 years they stocked walleye in to the lake ranging from Fry to 58cm walleye.

In 2011 they stocked 10,070 walleye fry, 2012 they stocked 6,495,150 grown walleye, 2013 they stocked 523 large walleye walleye and 2014 they stocked 5,211,043 walleye. A grand total of 11,716,966 walleye all introduced into the lake within 4 years. That is a lot of fish to be introduced and I do believe it was over kill. It had a direct negative impact on the original inhabitants.

Some back story has to be brought to attention though in 2005 a train derailed spilling oil into the Wabamun, it was a huge mess but they lake water was deemed safe again in just a few short months. But they did close the lake to catch and release fishing only. The fish got big. Big pike, big white fish and I used to catch pretty okay perch too. The lake was thriving, it was a trophy lake, you could catch big fish and not have to drive so far from the city, it was great! And then they stocked walleye. Keep in mind walleye haven’t inhabited the lake since sometime in the 1900’s or even if at all, they got fished out or the power plant caused fry to hatch too early so they didn’t survive. This was pre dating my times, so I have no opinion.

Take what I said and what I caught into consideration and I hope Wabamun will have a bounce back with or without walleye.

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