Microsoft Teams common mistakes – Remote Working – Microsoft Teams meetings


Learn Microsoft Teams common mistakes + Do’s and Don’ts. Why repeat the mistakes. Learn from others. 40 mistakes are explained by Dr. Nitin.
Remote working is not just about sharing presentations and video calls. It is about effective interaction, follow ups and managing action items. Teams allows the structured as well as ad-hoc work to be managed. But it is often not used the right way.

User mistakes, IT mistakes and Adoption related mistakes. This video will help you drive Office 365 and Microsoft 365 adoption. With remote work, Microsoft teams meetings are a critical part of business.

This is a recording of an event done for a user group in New York City, arranged by Peter Ward from Soho Dragon.

00:00 Intro
04:45 Confusion and how to avoid it
06:36 Counterproductive behavior
09:36 Errors of omission
10:56 Loss of Opportunity
12:06 Operational Inefficiency
13:16 Security and Productivity
14:56 Lack of platform exploration
17:26 Live Event Mistakes
20:00 Adoption mistakes
25:15 Using the entire platform
31:45 Q&A

Here is Dr Nitin’s blog about the common mistakes.



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