Stop Losing Your Bait With This Fishing Knot! (Egg Loop Knot)


The egg loop knot keeps my bait on my hook so that fish can’t steal it. I got tired of striped bass stealing my soft fishing bait, so I tried a new fishing knot! Stay tuned for a fishing knot tutorial and watch the egg loop knot in action!

Today, we are fishing in the Chesapeake Bay Area in MD. We are hoping to catch some keeper size striped bass using soft shell peeler crabs. The spot is difficult to fish because of all moving water and wooden poles in the way. This means it is crucial that our bait stays on, it is hard enough to cast the bait into the correct spot; we can’t have the bait flying off the hook as we cast it! Our friend Andres from Hook Junky is showing us how to get on some fish. Check out his channel!

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