Terraria FISHING GLITCH – SUPER FAST FISHING! Infinite Fishing Rod Lines, Terraria Glitches 1.3


Terraria Fishing Glitch! Can we hit 10,000 Likes for this EPIC Glitch!? 😀
+ Loot From 10 HOURS of fishing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONhS9CwGNYw&list=PLkWGz1NkvXXcxzJFOqMLw-wnhvCh-y-6w

Terraria Fishing Glitch, Super fast Fishing! This video showcases a unique fishing glitch that can be performed in the latest Terraria PC update; the Update. This glitch involves casting additional fishing lines which is achieved by exploiting the ‘autopause’ feature. Be sure to LIKE the video for more interesting Terraria videos including more Terraria glitches 1.3! [if any are found]

To perform this glitch simply enable autopause, cause your fishing rod in a body of water, open your inventory, right click on an item in your inventory then right click out of the inventory. When you close your inventory you will throw two lines in the direction of your cursor! This can be repeated many times and you reel in your fish by left clicking with your inventory CLOSED!

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