Tips for catching blue catfish in a lake: Use this Multi Rig Technique to Catch Big Catfish


In this video see how to use planer boards in deep water to catch big catfish.This video was shot in northern Alabama on Lake Wilson which is part of a chain of reservoirs of the Tennessee river system. I was catching these fish on huge chunks of skip jack herring heads in 70 foot of water on the submerged Island that runs along the Tennessee river bed. I was using a multi-rig technique that covers all the bases of the catfish rigs. Suspending baits 3 to 5 foot off the bottom using planer boards to spread them out and cover a larger area as well as dragging some baits about 50 foot behind the boat and suspending a couple rods directly under the boat just off the bottom. I was using 65 lb braided mainline with a 50 lb mono filament leader with a #10 octopus circle hook. Its a great combination to search for deep water catfish as well as catching them too.
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