Top 4 Common Mistakes on a Long Motorcycle Trip – How to Avoid Them? Adventure Riding Tips



A few clips were obtained from my fellow awesome motorcycle content creators, channel P L

and Carlos Costa

I explain the top 5 things you need to know before setting out on a long distance motorcycle trip.

This is something that you can set out on a wing and hope for the best but it’s much easier, much more enjoyable and rewarding if you follow these top 5 need to knows for a long motorcycle trip.

1. Have the right mindset
This is a crucial step in the process, everything that you do on your long motorcycle trip is dependent on your mind set. If you have a positive, can do and can deal with any situation attitude, you will realise that any mishap on your trip will be easily dealt with.

2. Not having the right motorcycle
When planning your long motorcycle trip, you want to know what kind of roads you will be dealing with. Dealing with mostly off road terrain you would want to have a lighter adventure bike. If you’re dealing with mostly highways then perhaps a higher displacement motorcycle that could handle highway speeds at low revs.

3. Not having the right gear
Having the right gear on your long motorcycle trip is crucial, because if you don’t you may survive the trip but you definitely won’t enjoy it. Motorcycle adventure can be physically and mentally demanding. With you being at the mercy of the environment, if it’s cold and raining you will have a really miserable time. Also, if it is really hot you can become dehydrated rapidly.. Having the appropriate gear and helmet will provide you with the perfect internal ecosystem in which you can deal with the harsh environment.

4. Inadequate preparation/planning
You must plan your ride, this includes the route, how much distance to cover every day and planned stops for the night. This will reduce the overall tension and allow you to avoid making mistakes which could leave you struggling to find a camping spot or accommodation for the night. Spontaneous trips can be fun however there must always be an element of preparation.




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