Turn Your Entrepreneurial Mistakes Into Your Business Successes


Have you’ve ever been interested in opening up an online shop, but find it can be overwhelming? Let me show you the secrets in how my 10 and 13-year-old girls sold over 21,000 scarves in 9 months and built their profitable brand.


This week, I talked to Wendy Kesl, founder of Glitter Luv Creations. She has been doing amazing things in her business, just selling glitter.

That’s right! No other products or services offered other than that sparkly dust you find in all of the corners and crevices of your home after you clean up the kid’s craft projects! And she’s made over six-figures doing it.

Wendy so kindly shares the story behind her success, how she turned a mistake into a moneymaker, and what she does to keep things exciting for her customers. She is truly a powerhouse, and I know you will find so much value from her experience.

Tune into this week’s episode for some great takeaways to use in your own business!

Key Takeaways
The time Wendy almost quit (07:30)
How a mistake turned into a moneymaker (11:00)
Figuring out she wanted to sell glitter (16:20)
Wendy describes her subscription box (23:15)
How Wendy has found her thousand dollar an hour job (31:28)
The power of a single email (33:15)
How she keeps things exciting for her customers (38:50)
This is how you keep up with social media even if it isn’t your thing (45:00)
Why you need a community for support (48:05)

Check out Glitter Luv Creations at https://www.glitterluv.com

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